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The number of parents choosing to home-school their kids have been doubled in a little over a decade, about 220,000 black school-ages children are being homeschooled up from estimates of 103,000 in 2003, according to the National Home Research Institute (Jonsson-Kenworthy, par 6).

By educating the children at a young age about the dangers of stereotype we can minimize the transference of racism to the future generations.

It wasn’t too long ago that a lot of people were talking about a post-racial America.

Most kids do not care what they say to other children and it is up to the parent to keep them out of trouble or the kid will continue to be the main cause of a lot of stuff.

Although it seems that this problem could be related to their parents and that is probably what this is telling people reading this, but the parents do have a big factor in how their child behaves.

People of color have a 70% change of getting arrested while a Caucasian could get pulled over the same thing and they would get away free with no charges.

African-Americans have to break down so many barriers just to get where they want to be in life and most of the time they just accept where they are now, Caucasians get so many things handed to us and we do not even realize, in fact, most of us take those opportunities for granted and they still complain about what they have.

Although most parents decide on how they want their kid raised is based upon how they were raised themselves.

Ama Mazama, a professor of African-Amercain studies at temple university in Philadelphia, wrote about homeschooling and said a lot of people keep their kids from going to public schools is the amount of racism.

A common modern trend in America is incidental racism, which is giving other races equal opportunity and using other elements to justify racist behavior.

Garret (2009) tells us that prejudice and bigotry are learned behaviors, or habits that people begin to form when they are in an environment where others do the same.


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