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And uninvolved parenting is neither demanding nor responsive. This scheme is very useful, but like any attempt to categorize human behavior, it has its limitations. Baumrind developed her system for understanding parents in the United States.Moreover, her subjects were mostly white and middle class.What about the overall approach that parents take to guiding, controlling, and socializing their kids?

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So Baumrind proposed three distinct parenting styles: Later, researchers added a fourth style, uninvolved parenting (Maccoby and Martin 1983).

Uninvolved parents are like permissive parents in their failure to enforce standards.

Maybe the wording of this statement makes her think of her mother-in-law's strict rules about using the right fork, putting away all toys immediately after using them, and never going outside without shoes on?

Our parent doesn't happen to think any of those things are important, so she judges herself to be less strict.

Other parents might find themselves on the border between authoritativeness and permissiveness. Then they decide how high or low a score must be to meet the criteria for a given parenting style.

Often, researchers choose their cutoffs by "grading on a curve"--looking over the distribution of scores for the entire pool of study participants.

As noted above, the authoritative parenting style was first conceived as a kind of middle ground between permissiveness and authoritarianism.

And when we speak of someone being "responsive," or "demanding," these are relative terms.

The concept of parenting styles was first introduced by Diane Baumrind to explain differences in the way parents attempt to control and socialize their children.

Do parents show lots of affection, or remain aloof?


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