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In fact, investigations continue to emerge that serve to delineate and expand existing science.

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A new study from researchers in Texas has shown that coffee indeed helps in bowel movements and also improves the gut microbe population.

Coffee drinkers know that coffee helps keep the bowels moving, but researchers in Texas are trying to find out exactly why this is true, and it doesn't seem to be about the caffeine, according to a study presented at Digestive Disease Week® 2019. Christoph Jansen There have been clear statements from regulatory bodies that have increased the pressure on pharmaceutical companies to go electronic with their records and ensure a high level of data integrity in all areas of the pharmaceutical industry.

A web-based caffeine optimization tool successfully designs effective strategies to maximize alertness while avoiding excessive caffeine consumption, according to preliminary results from a new study.

With summer break and longer days ahead, parents of young teens may be wondering whether to let good sleep habits slide over the next couple of months.

Steven Lazer Digital pathology is the viewing, analyzing, and managing of digitalized pathology slides with computer technology called whole slide imaging, or WSI, which generates a tremendous volume of data.

A single whole slide image can be a gigabyte or larger in size.

Marijuana can help reduce the pressure inside the eye (IOP, or intraocular pressure).

Being a euphoric drug, it is now a commonly used recreational and medicinal drug.

Between 50 to 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder.

Sleepless nights are associated with a number of adverse health outcomes including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain cancers.


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