Relationship Between Parents Essay

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Electing not to have children is no longer stigmatized in the way it was.

“Child-free” adults are no longer casually dismissed as shallow and self-absorbed.

When parents lose their trust to their children, they become aloof and estrange.

They don’t talk to their children when not necessary.

Bombarded with conflicting advice about the relative merits of breastfeeding versus bottle feeding, crib sleeping and co-sleeping, early versus delayed toilet training, each parent must decide for her- or himself how best to rear a child.

Labels abound: attachment parenting, natural parenting, positive parenting, slow parenting.In a society in which marital relationships have grown much more fragile, many parents look to their children as a source of permanent attachment and emotional fulfillment.The increase in single parenthood and two-earner households has also altered parent-child relations, since children in these settings must take on greater responsibility for self-care and for helping out than did those in homes with full-time mothers.Anxiety has become the hallmark of contemporary parenting.Even before their child is born, prenatal testing leads parents to worry about potential birth defects to an extent absent in the past.Losing the trust of your parents will give their children limited opportunities to reach their desires A. Parents, on the other hand, demand more from their children.Parents won’t allow their children to go out with their friends. They will prevent their children from using their gadgets involving communication with others. They become unsatisfied with mediocre performance and expect their children to be perfect or at least near perfect for them to become believable.Lacking the clear and authoritative guidelines set by earlier childrearing experts like Dr.Benjamin Spock, moms and dads must decide whether to be strict or lenient, achievement and performance focused or indulgent, pushy or laid back.The result: The geography of childhood has contracted, indoor time has mounted, and adult supervision of children’s activities has greatly increased.Equally important is a profound reversal in parental expectations.


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