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What makes Buddhism different is that it doesn’t believe in an entity that animates its temporal body, which many people across the globe call as the “soul”.In the Buddhist encyclopedia online, it states that a person is reborn at the end of one’s life; he is reborn into another body based on karmas or the things that he did while he existed.Hindus believe that when a person dies, s/he will be reincarnated to some animal or another human being depending on how a person lived.

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occurrence of a birthmark on the kid that resemble to injuries of the kids’ previous character or even existence of printed records describing a kids reports that are dated earlier than the kids’ supposed previous character is recognized after thoroughly outlining the cases, he goes further to discuss the possible substitute explanations to reincarnation for those cases (ordinary explanations which include faulty memory, fraud, coincidence or paranormal explanation e.g.

possession) and then he further goes to conclude if reincarnation offers the most convincing explanation for each individual case.

First being the concept of Jatismaras where the people remember their past birth and the second source is evident in the form of the testimony of the scriptures or saints (Bhaskaranada, “The Vedanta Society of Western Washington”). It offers a system of beliefs that not only Indians have embraced but are also perceived to be true by some people from all walks of life and races.

One of the famous beliefs of Hinduism that this writer knows about through lessons in school and readings of books is reincarnation.

He takes the reader on a universal voyage into regions of the globe with hugely differing views on reincarnation, into homes infiltrated by widely-differing socio-economic conditions and into the lives of kids with very diverse stories.

Nevertheless, his assumption that reincarnation as he describes is the most conceivable explanation for most of precise cases and definitely in the frame of cases as a whole, remains unwavering all through the book.And learning about the explanations of Buddhism about it makes my unbelief even stronger.Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism all share the doctrine of reincarnation.According to this philosophical concept, Hindus belief that after the biological death of a person, the soul or the spirit takes a different form, beginning a new life in a new form, that could be another human being, animal or spiritual being (Fowler 10). Critical Book Review The discussion on the ability of human soul to continue existing after the death of the body has been going on for years based on the explanations of various religious and philosophical explorations.Reincarnation and karma are part of this explanation that shows the soul as being able to move from one form to another across periods in history, cultures and beings.Of tuckers In most of Doctor Tuckers cases, the amount of material supposedly recalled by the kid in question is quite one certain case, Doctor Tucker tells of a kid from whom even before he was three years old began telling her life as a vendor of incense in a community approximately a hundred and forty five miles away.Chinese occupation and the government’s attempts to control the religious practices have come under huge international criticism.The head of Tibetan Buddhism, the 14th Dalai Lama, has been in exile and currently lives in the north Indian city of Dharamshaala.Amidst all the uncertainty over the future leadership of Tibet, Dalai Lama has made a public announcement on the issue of reincarnation.He has also warned the people of Tibet and the world to beware of any deception that is practiced by China or any other agency. Is Resurrection a More Plausible Way of Afterlife than Reincarnation? The issue of afterlife is one of the most debatable both in scientific and religious circles.


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