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It is also known as "Arabic science" because of the majority of texts that were translated from Greek into Arabic.The mass translation movement, that occurred in the ninth century allowed for the integration of science into the Islamic world.

It is also known as "Arabic science" because of the majority of texts that were translated from Greek into Arabic.The mass translation movement, that occurred in the ninth century allowed for the integration of science into the Islamic world.

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As a result, he says there is a great deal of Islamic pseudoscience attempting to reconcile this respect with other respected religious beliefs.

Edis maintains that the motivation to read modern scientific truths into holy books is also stronger for Muslims than Christians.

Ismail al-Faruqi and Taha Jabir Alalwani are of the view that any reawakening of the Muslim civilization must start with the Quran; however, the biggest obstacle on this route is the "centuries old heritage of tafseer (exegesis) and other classical disciplines" which inhibit a "universal, epistemiological and systematic conception" of the Quran's message.

science cannot but prosper in a society of true Muslims.

Critics argue that while it is generally agreed the Quran contains many verses proclaiming the wonders of nature, An example of where earlier beliefs founded on interpretations of the Quran changed following the introduction of modern technology/science to the Muslim world, is knowledge of the gender of an unborn baby, made possible by ultrasound technology.

According to Nidhal Guessoum, "for a long time Muslims believed, on the basis on their literal understanding of some Quranic verses, that the gender of an unborn baby is only known to God", i.e. Ultrasound technology, "led many Muslims to realize that first-degree readings of the Quran can lead to contradictions and predicaments".the word for "science" is the plural form علوم’ ulūm.(So, for example, كلية العلوم kullīyat al-‘ulūm, the Faculty of Science of the Egyptian University, is literally "the Faculty of Sciences ...") Whether Islamic culture has promoted or hindered scientific advancement is disputed.However, Edis argues that there are endless examples of scientific discoveries that could be read into the Bible or Quran if one would like to.Starting in the 1970s and 80s a "popular literature known as ijaz" (miracle) and often called "Scientific miracles in the Quran" developed and spread to Muslim bookstores, websites, and on television programs of Islamic preachers.Some Muslim writers have claimed that the Quran made prescient statements about scientific phenomena that were later confirmed by scientific research for instance as regards to the structure of the embryo, our solar system, and the creation of the universe.It is a system of acquiring knowledge based on empiricism, experimentation and methodological naturalism, as well as to the organized body of knowledge human beings have gained by such research.This is because, according to Edis, true criticism of the Quran is almost non-existent in the Muslim world.While Christianity is less prone to see its Holy Book as the direct word of God, fewer Muslims will compromise on this idea – causing them to believe that scientific truths simply must appear in the Quran.which demonstrate (to proponents) the Quran's knowledge of black holes; "[I swear by] the Moon in her fullness; that ye shall journey on from stage to stage" (Q.–19) refers to human flight into outer space.As of 2008, both (some) Muslims and non-Muslims have disputed whether there actually are "scientific miracles" in the Quran.


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