Psychology Dissertations

If you are unable to come into the Library, the librarian can make a search on your behalf.Dissertations are not publicly available until one academic year after their original submission.A Quasi-Experimental Investigation of a Cognitive Dissonance-Based Eating Disorder Prevention Program in Mixed-Sex High School Populations, Christina L.

Fletcher PDF An Examination of Underlying Causes for Differences in Affect-Rich and Affect-Poor Choice, Elizabeth M.

Fuller PDF You’re Not Helping: Unhelpful Workplace Social Support as a Job Stressor, Cheryl E.

Grossman PDF The Relationships Among Emotion, Cognitive Dysfunction and Anosognosia in Huntington’s Disease, Danielle C.

Hergert PDF Psychopathic Traits, Gender, and Sexual Motivations: Paths to Sexual Coercion, Amy M.

Choquette PDF Nonresident Paternal Factors and the Psychosocial Adjustment of Black Adolescents from Single-Mother Households, Erica Elizabeth Coates PDF Development of Ethologically-Based Inhibitory Avoidance Models of Fear Memory, Savannah Dalrymple PDF Psychosocial Mechanisms of Outcome in Pediatric Psychiatry, Alessandro S.

De Nadai PDF Psychopathic Traits and Substance Use in the Context of Erotic Services and Sex Exchange among College Students, Bethany Edwards PDF Episodic Work-Family Conflict and Strain: A Dynamic Perspective, Kimberly A.Monahan PDF Exploring the Decisional Process behind Alcohol Use: Converging Evidence Across Multiple Theories, Emily T.Noyes PDF Are Mixed-Sex and Single-Sex Groups Equally Effective Across Males and Females?Bykowski PDF Reactivity and Recovery Among OIF/OEF/OND Combat Veterans: Do Those with Subthreshold PTSD Differ From Veterans with and without PTSD?, Paula Castro-Chapman PDF The Role of Threat-based Beliefs in Mental Health Help-Seeking Processes for Depression, Jason I.Soder PDF The Effect of Androstenone as a Mating Prime on Drinking and Approach Behavior, Robin Tan PDF Capturing Resilience in Context: Development and Validation of a Situational Judgment Test of Resilience, Yuejia Teng PDF Effects of an Early Life Immune Challenge on Body Growth, Personality, Mating Behaviors, and Brain Development of Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata), Ahmet Kerim Uysal PDF Quality of Life and Burden in Caregivers of Youth with Severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Monica S.Wu PDF Depression and Choice of Emotional Stimuli, Sunkyung Yoon PDF Leader Behavior Portfolios, Matthew Stephen Arbogast PDF Encoding Style of Positive Autobiographical Memories: Relationship to Mood Repair, Memory Functioning, and Depression, Ena Begovic PDF The Effect of a Computerized Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Management Intervention On Psychological Factors and Diabetes Management, Cathy A.Andel PDF Effect of Electronic Cigarette Messages on Young-Adult Behavioral Dispositions Towards Use, Idan Ariel PDF Modifiable Characteristics Associated with Fear of Cancer Recurrence among Colorectal Cancer Survivors, Julie M.Cessna Palas PDF A Psychometric Evaluation of the Compensatory Eating and Behaviors in Response to Alcohol Consumption Scale (CEBRACS), Emily M.Undergraduate final honours year dissertations for Psychology dating from 1947 are held in the Library They are available on request from the Librarian.A card index for older undergraduate dissertations is available in the Library.


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