Protecting Our Natural Resources Essay

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Oil is refined, so that can be used for cooking food.

Minerals and metals are used for making usable things for our daily life like coins, steel and jewellery, land soil and water are used for plantation of trees and with the use of plants and trees we get vegetables and fruits; sunshine is used for producing solar energy.

Human cannot produce or make natural resources but can use it in such manner to produce other essential resources that are important for our life.

Wood obtained from trees can be used for making important things for life like house furniture and paper.

Air, water, animals and tree comes in category of renewal resources as they can be regained by nature, but by using in efficient manner.

Protecting Our Natural Resources Essay

On the other side, petroleum, metals and coals are found in limited quantity and come under non-renewal category.These are air, water, land, trees, wood, soil, minerals, petroleum, metals and sunshine.These resources cannot be created or produced by human being but just can be modified in different manner so that we can use it in better way.In this category, three essays are given with 100, 200 and 300 words count.All the essays are written in simple and easy English language by focusing on users of small age students from class 1 to 6.We have provided here some essays on natural resources with detailed knowledgeable information.Essays are divided in two categories; long and short essay on natural resources.Natural resources are of two types one that can be regained or reproduced is called Renewal Resources and other that cannot be regained is called Nonrenewal Resources.Wood, vegetation, animal, water, air and sunlight are the example of Renewal resources.Minerals and metals are used for making expensive ornaments.Natural resources are those visible or non-visible things, which are produced or given by nature for living on this earth.


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