Problem Solving Exercise

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Representation of Clients in Mediation Roleplay: King v.

Johnson and Jones Julia Gold Professor Gold wrote this exercise for use in her Negotiations class.

A summary of each exercise is listed after the title and author. The simulation is designed to challenge the mediator in aiding the parties to move from adversarial position-based bargaining over distributive issues, to cooperative interest-based bargaining over broader issues of importance to both parties Broken Squares: An Exercise Designed To Demonstrate The Shift From Individual To Cooperative Problem Solving Beryl Blaustone This exercise requires participants to analyze aspects of cooperative problem solving in group settings.

Professor Blaustone also uses this exercise to discuss behaviors and attitudes that promote or detract from effective group problem solving activity. Chip Ossman This exercise explores the arbitration process and examines the vagaries of arbitration results.

Integrating Problem-Solving and Problem Prevention into an Existing Law School Curriculum Thomas D.

Barton This exercise discusses two options for how law teaching be broadened to address better the consensual and system design/prevention modes of problem solving: first, through adding more courses that particularly focus on those alternative modes; and second, through consciously articulating the consensual and system design modes in existing courses.

Creative problem solving techniques includes methods designed to shift a person’s mental state into one that fosters creativity.

There are also techniques that look for solutions to problems by reframing the problem.

Case of James and Emma Herrod John Lande In this case, the central issue is how to divide the marital property.

The simulation provides financial information and gives participants the opportunity to mediate property division and child support issues.


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