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Primary Sources are directly taken from an individual or group of individuals, while secondary sources take information from an individual or group and analyzes the topic.Remembering this information helps in deciding whether it is a primary or secondary source.← Back to WRITING TUTORIAL Writing a custom term paper, research paper, or essay, students often do not know the difference between primary and secondary sources.

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A secondary source is something written about a primary source.

Secondary sources include comments on, interpretation of, or discussions about the original material.

Other types of primary sources are paintings created by the artist.

If it were a photocopy of the painting, then it would be a secondary source.

In the natural and social sciences, primary sources are often empirical studies - research where an experiment was done or a direct observation was made.

The results of empirical studies are typically found in scholarly articles or papers delivered at conferences, so those articles and papers that present the original results are considered primary sources.

Secondary sources are sources that are written about primary sources.

Secondary sources analyze, interpret, and discuss information about the primary source.

In simple terms primary sources come firsthand from the source or person.

Diaries would be a primary source because it is written directly by the individual writing in the diary.


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