Power In The Crucible Essay

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Theme #6Deception Deception and lies present another important theme that runs throughout the play.It does not include myths related to black magic or witchcraft.He is ashamed of the infidelity committed in the past and wants to bury it deep in the heart as if it never existed. In reaction to this, he turns against Elizabeth, accusing her of being judgmental.

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It includes lies that people tell to save their false reputations in society.

The girls of the town tell lies in the court thinking they can continue this by deceiving others.

Even in the court after confessing his crime, he tries to save his name.

Judges of Salem are also biased, as they uphold a false reputation to honor the church.

Hence, they believe that women were truly guilty of witchcraft and chose to punish them without an inquiry.

Often mass hysteria numbs people’s mind and makes them vulnerable.From a helpless girl, she becomes crafty and capable of destroying innocent lives through such accusations.Theme #4Guilt The theme of guilt is related to the progress in John Proctor’s character in the play.Hale also becomes the victim of his guilt, as he once believed people engaged in witchcraft are sinners.However, as the play progresses, he considers them innocent and tries to save them.They are not portrayed as servants to men, mothers or wives.Miller presents them keeping in mind the attitude of the society toward women in 1950s when writing The Crucible.Theme #2Hysteria Hysteria also upholds thematic significance in the play because the society in Salem is engulfed in the accusations of witchcraft.The rapid growth of hysteria in Salem destroys the impact of rational thinking.They believe that they make the right decisions and hesitate to accept any evidence which could have set innocents free.It is evident from John Proctor’s case, as the delay in his confession makes him a liar in the court.


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