Poker Essay Volume Iii

Poker Essay Volume Iii-33
In this book, Caro encourages players to look beyond the hand and focus on the body language of the opponent.

This book is a substantive self-help tool for poker players who find it hard to control their emotions when they are on the table.

It helps on how you can become not only a better poker player and a better person as well.

The popularity of poker in Asia and around the world have resulted in hundreds of poker manuals claiming to provide the best strategy.

There are a few of them, however, that made a great impact on how people understand and play poker.

Also known as The Book of Tells, this book discusses the other strategy of winning poker – studying your opponent.

Mike Caro, the author, is a well-known pioneer of poker strategy, writing about various poker strategies.Many poker players have proven over time how mental conditioning keep them in the zone when they are playing.A lot of the basic principles of Zen is applicable to poker.For example, a more complex poker book will require that the reader has a good understanding of the concepts being discussed.A newbie player may easily get confused, give up, and lose interest the moment they start reading it.Remember, though, that each player has different needs and solutions depending on their playing style and preference.One should choose a book that matches their level of gaming.Phil Gordon was among the poker players to beat in the early 2000s.The book was released in 2009 when he was ultra-famous and served as the host of the TV show, Celebrity Poker.Published by Kensington in 2008, this is a good poker book that mainly focuses on No Limit Hold’em Tournaments.The author, Gus Hansen, is a pretty reliable source for poker strategies as he has three World Poker Tour Championship under his belt.


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