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She posed as Lindsay Lohan behind the wheel, hitting pedestrians and then just going right back to re-applying her lip gloss.She mocked Mary Kate Olsen's boho chic look and the incredibly tan girls who shop at Fred Segal with their toy dogs and their Mary Poppins-like purses.

She spoke for those of us who knew that looking like the Britneys and Christinas was unrealistic, but still hated ourselves for falling short. In her May 2006 Salon essay, "Return of the brainless hussies," Rebecca Traister wrote about the fear that the rise of Paris Hilton's celebrity would encourage other women to dumb themselves down.

And yet, even an artist as ostensibly tough as Pink struggled with self-confidence and constant comparisons to every other female celebrity. Oprah dedicated an entire episode to the topic of Stupid Girls, inviting smart women like Pink, journalist Naomi Wolf, and author Ariel Levy on as guests.

But Pink seemed to be concerned that young women would stop dreaming that big — that they would see this new breed of female celebrity who looked really good playing dumb (not to mention, made a lot of money doing it), and choose that path instead.

Pink's video for "Stupid Girls" may seem like a direct attack on a few specific female celebrities, but her beef wasn't really with them.

She spoke out against the pop princesses, but she didn't hide her sexuality from the world, using stripper poles on stage during the early part of her career.

And with "Stupid Girls," she came right out and said what many people were thinking about America's obsession with being thin, blond, and beautiful."The parents were very happy with me after that song," Pink told For years, Pink was the relatable singer.Pink wanted to see women stand up for themselves and take control of how they were seen.“There’s a certain thing the world is being fed,” Pink told MTV in 2006, “and my point is there should be a choice.”That message was proudly feminist at a time when other pop stars recoiled from the F-word as if it were a slur.It was Paris Hilton, though, who epitomized Pink's idea of a Stupid Girl.The singer is seen rolling around in the sheets, recalling the socialite in her infamous 2004 sex tape, .To reintroduce herself after a hiatus, Pink released "Stupid Girls" as the first single, throwing major shade at young female starlets who were making headlines for sex tapes and rehab stints and nothing more.The song wasn't just a dig at these kinds of women, it had her seriously wondering what kind of example these stars were setting for their female fans. Channeling Eminem, Pink donned wigs and costumes to look like Jessica Simpson washing a car in her Daisy Dukes, just as Simpson did in her "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" video."You will feel something called pride and self respect."Coming from Pink, an artist who makes it her business to sell records, not sex, the message isn't a new one.It's actually the same one she shared 10 years ago, when she released the song "Stupid Girls." Having taken three years off after her worst-performing record, 2003's was a fluke, and that she still had hits up her sleeve.Pink didn't have to say anything about Kim Kardashian's recent nude selfie, which inspired some celebrities to take shots and others to take the reality star's side, because a tweet days later expressed exactly how the singer felt.On International Women's Day, the artist, whose given name is Alecia Moore, wrote a shout-out to all the women using "their brains, their strength, their work ethic, their talent, their 'magic' that they were born with, that only they possess." Getting even more pointed, Pink wrote that these attributes don't always get as much "'attention' or bank notes as using your body, your sex, your tits and asses." And she made it clear that the women she's talking about don't need that kind of attention, because they have something else to offer."In the quiet moments, you will feel something deeper than the fleeting excitement resulting from attention," Pink wrote.


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