Philosophy And Theology Essay

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The way one behaves thereby has an impact on the society as a whole. (1883), and many other works, including three series of Gifford Lectures and two volumes of personal reminiscences.

Knowledge and Behaviour play in tandem and therefore it becomes imperative “to give the right Knowledge and eliminate wrong Knowledge.” To do this, there are certain prerequisites, Firstly, one should know how to judge between the right knowledge and the wrong knowledge. He was alo responsible for editing the fifty-volume series of Sacred Books of the East-still an invaluable source for the study of religion.

All actions and texts of this religion would be based upon the scientific knowledge and literature available at the time.

The theory would be self-evolving in nature to the advancements in science and technology.

If the above mentioned points were made clear, all the mere believers in this world will become true rationalists.

If one Global Religion were to be followed, it would be on the basis of scientific thinking rather than on blind beliefs.

Around 1300-1650 million people believe in Islam, making it the second most followed religion in the world. Around 1000 million people do not have any religion or notion of ‘God’, also referred to as atheists. Irrespective of what these people follow or what ‘notion they hold of ‘God’.

Religion is something, which was created for the betterment of human society as a whole.

Tales of wonder and imagination abound wherein each myth is filled with magic, mystery, heroism, treachery, courage and faith. He subsequently published Researches into the Early History of Mankind (1865), and his most important work, Primitive Culture (1871), in which the ‘animism’ theory is cleary stated.

These myths are so widely accepted that they have even managed to permeate in the 21st century. Briefly, it is that early man’s experiences of dream and trance that led him first to a belief in a separate ‘soul’ (anima) in himself, and later to postulate the existence of surviving souls (ghosts), and of many such ‘souls’ in animals, plants, the atmosphere, etc.


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