Persuasive Essays On 12 Angry Men

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Conclusion Juror 4 bases his confidence on the defendant's guilt by logically going through the facts.

He itemises them and concludes that "This is the charming and imaginative little fable the boy invented." However, his reliance on 'the facts' as he sees them is immediately undermined when Juror 8 produces an identical knife. His calm nature is ruffled when the 8th Juror applies the same pressure and relentless questioning, asking him the details of "the second feature" of the previous Monday night.

"I mean asking grown-up people to believe that kind of bullshit." The fact that the defendant has a record is confirmation for Juror 3 that he must be guilty and he doesn't see the need for any discussion.

He's already made it clear that he sees the whole process as a "goddamn waste of time." In Act II, Juror 7 dismisses the idea there could be reasonable doubt and is keen to tell the judge that they have a hung jury "this kid wouldn't stand a chance with another jury and you know it." ..more.


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