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When you add in the factor of schools not being able to fiscally provide children with at least one meal a day that is healthy and filling, the child's learning abilities are impaired.Being hungry makes it difficult to focus, makes a child's mood more surly and makes it more difficult for them to retain information.I'm simply pointing out that when you stare at the fiscal numbers between the two institutions, it would ultimately benefit our future to pour more money into feeding hungry bodies and minds.

In 2013, a study was conducted by Feeding America and found that 15.8 million children in America alone live in food-insecure houses.

This means that most of the time these children are coming to school hungry or going back to a house where they may not have access to the most nutritious dinners.

However, rightfully so, she doesn't feel sorry for it and would do it again.

35 year-old Della Curry told ABC News' Clayton Sandell, "I was let go for not charging for all of the food I gave to the students.

In short, when we are unable to provide our students with their nutritional needs their education is failing them.

This is something Della Curry understood when she fought against the idea of providing a child with simply bread and cheese for lunch.It is a mystery why any child would be left to go hungry, but apparently you can be fired for helping to ensure it doesn't happen.Last week a woman working in the lunch room of a Colorado elementary school was fired for giving children who had forgotten their lunch money free meals.However, this shouldn't have factored into the equation: children should be provided with a hot, nutritious meal in schools whether they come from affluent families or not.When you begin deciding which students should be assisted and which ones should not, you bring up the emotional baggage that comes with asking a child to tell you they're unable to feed themselves at home.When you consider that the cost to feed and house a federal prisoner per year is ,286 per inmate in taxpayer dollars and it costs roughly ,615 to send a child to public school per year, the answer seems simple to provide more nutritional options to children in-school.I'm not suggesting that federal prisoners be treated to less.Students whose families live above the poverty line are expected to pay full price.One would think that it would be simple to provide students the necessary nutrition, but the USDA School Lunch Program doles out billions back to participating schools each year in reimbursment for these meals.For optimal cognitive growth, a child needs roughly 1400 calories of food per day and a variety of whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables.When a child comes from a low-income family, their dietary needs are more often than not already falling short of what they need to learn.


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