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Charge what you like – there’s no pay cap, you can charge the rate you deserve, obviously providing people are willing to pay! There are lots of obvious cost like equipment, rent, etc but then there are also lots of hidden costs – council tax, business rates, accountancy advice, contents insurance, etc etc.You probably couldn’t charge £300 per hour (unless you’re a celebrity trainer in a major city! That said you could charge £30-80 and potentially triple the rate you were on at a commercial gym. Before setting up your own facility you need to know the costs and how much it’s going to take to break even and what you want your profits to eventually look like.

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The main reason for this is that they are likely to schedule more sessions (leading to more money for you) and, if they like you and stay in the area, may be a regular source of income for you and your business for years to come.

Such loyal clients can also help recruit more clients for you in the form of inviting their family and friends to contact you.

BUT if you persist and adapt a long the way you’ll be able to carve out a nice place for your business, potentially helping thousands of people change their lives, and building a really successful personal training business along the way.

Thanks for reading, if you’re a personal trainer looking to learn more about business and what it takes to become more successful then check out my other blogs (there’s over 650 FREE articles on my site!

Once you have a solid business plan, and understand the finances of what it’s going to cost, take the leap of faith and put your heart and sole into making it work.

Accept that you will fail (we all do) and there will be some tough lessons learned along the way.Costs Money – where are you going to set up your PT studio? Don’t worry about the pay, as long as it covers your bills, food and rent! Work 50-70 hour weeks, put your heart and sole into learning, helping clients and getting as much coaching experience as possible.Spend all your spare money on books, courses and improving your self.It is also good for someone who is a natural leader—just as a good manager or coach helps people to visualize and then actualize success, a good personal trainer helps clients visualize a healthier self and provides a pathway to achieving that goal.The daily activities of a personal trainer are very straightforward, though they may vary based on the client’s needs.It’s about going up to people providing free help, building relationships, smiling, being approachable and building up a regular client base. Restricted Pay – lots of facilities will have a pay limit, for example they wont let you charge the rate you want.They may cap all personal trainers at £15-£20 per session.This job involves a more diverse clientele than almost any other job out there.Generally, though, the best clients are younger clients.Busy – Lots of your everyday clients will want to train either before work (6-8am) or after work (5-7pm) this is often peak time and the gyms can get very busy!It’s not always easy to set up a consistent client workout program because machines may be taken, etc Let’s now take a look at the pros and cons of owning your own facility…


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