Perks Of Being A Wallflower Belonging Essay

This essay is based off the question "Adolescence is a time to find identity.

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It touches on topics like family relationships, friendship, drugs and alcohol, sexuality, and loss, but what makes this story so comprehensive and amazing is that it does not dwell on any topic. It makes it seem like Charlie could easily be any one of us.

It makes it seem like when life gets you down, all one requires is that perfect song on that perfect drive to make you feel infinite.

Now in a special edition to mark the twentieth anniversary of a beloved cult classic!

Read the #1 New York Times bestselling coming-of-age story that takes a sometimes heartbreaking, often hysterical, and always honest look at high school in all its glory.

To begin, at this point in Charlie’s life, he has lost friends and family members which have left him scarred emotionally. Adding on, he is also a tragic hero because Charlie has an ability to move on in life, he doesn’t let tragic events keep him down, he finds a way to overcome it and always find some way to move on in life. Lastly, the novel “Perks of Being a Wallflower” fits the common or otherwise known as the everyday definition of tragedy.

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“So, I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. In this novel there are many unfortunate events where Charlie is faced with many difficult situations of where he loses his loved ones and suffers. She would be alive if I were born on a day that didn’t snow. Secondly, Charlie is a tragic hero because he went through so much in his early years such as going through major stressors which can cause depression. This shows that Charlie realizes that nothing ever remain the same.He stayed strong through all of it, no matter how hard the times got. Things happen, people change, and everyone moves on in life. This quote means that we are who we are because of our past experiences throughout life and these challenging obstacles that we face make us stronger in the end.To begin, the quote “The World is full of suffering, but it is also full of the overcoming of it” (, 2013) by Hellen Keller has a strong meaning to encourage individuals to stand strong when a tragedy appears in life.Firstly, one of the tragic elements portrayed in the novel is catastrophe. He’s not the type of boy to raise his hand in class, dance in the middle of the floor, or make friends easy.But that all changes when he meets the people who will change his life forever. Seldom has there been a time when a new idea is formed which blows everyone away. Vampires, wizards and diaries have taken over the literary side to society.The setting is a mystery as “Charlie” is an alias for the narrator and the names and places are all fictional.He writes his letters in these ways so that the receiver of the letter will not know who he is.This is one of the main reasons why I like this book.Since the letters are addressed, “Dear Friend,” we can imagine that he is sending them to us and we feel like we are a part of his story. Acceptance of your sexuality, religion, and yourself in general. He doesn’t like to say no to people, and he doesn’t like to do something that will make someone uncomfortable or upset.


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