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His physical health was not at the level needed to perform at an optimal level. However, with continued effort, his cardio health improved, and John was able to continue playing football without premature exhaustion. "Sports and Character: Five Questions Five Answers." Momentum 2009: 148. Not only did I have a support group of peers who looked out for me, I was blessed with a number of mentors who cared about me and wanted me to succeed.

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What's often overlooked are the benefits that come from the game.

The life lessons that young men learn while they play it are priceless.

30 years ago everyone knew everyone and the young respected the old.

Parents would greatly exaggerate how difficult their life was as a kid and how easy we have it now. However, one element that does not change from generation to generation is high school football.

I don't remember who is playing, but my family members all have a team they are rooting for and sometimes those teams differ depending on the game in front of them.

When the game is over we go back to eating before we find another or are too full to do anything, but close our eyes and let lazy smiles cross our faces.

Therefore, youth should play football in order to experience the positive benefits.

Physical health improves one’s abilities on the field and beyond.

His social status improved and his confidence grew.

Todd realized that exercise, through football, impacted him in ways he never could have imagined.


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