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Why not take a break and join us for three months at Westminster!?You can help us shape policy by writing an impartial briefing for the UK Parliament.View Robotics and Autonomous Systems is developing capability and capacity across the N8 to meet the needs of industry and society, such as advanced manufacturing automation to power the 4th Industrial revolution or medical and assistive technologies to improve quality of life.

Social network methods were used to apply standardised metrics to assess how well the partnership was functioning as a collaborative three years into its operation, and in its fourth year.

Results: Most respondents rated the Partnership as successful in progressing toward its goals.

Much is known about partnership characteristics and factors that are needed for successful relationships (6).

Genuine respect, trust and goodwill between all parties, built over time, are essential for constructive relations and a collaborative partnership (5, 7, 8); sustained contact is required, preferably including face-to-face meetings (9) to facilitate information sharing (10, p.

Find out more: #phdchat Dv MY As the @N8PRP celebrates its fifth anniversary, Director Professor @crawford1adam explains to @Policing Insight the key successes of co-produced research & the challenges that lie ahead for sustaining collaborative police and academic research partnerships.

Background: The ABCD National Research Partnership was formed in mid-2010 as a collaboration to harness the expertise, experiences and resources of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled peak bodies, government and research organisations to improve the quality of Indigenous primary health care.Partners' contribution of resources reflected their active involvement.There was a high level of agreement on the achievement of the key goals of the Partnership, showing shared sense-making amongst Malo555 Brilliant to see the @epsrc 'Networks to prepare UK transport for a low carbon future'. Don't be put off by the "senior scientists" klaxon either- E, D &I applies to these- and a diversity of expertise is needed to make good decisions. An interesting opportunity for @N8research students looking to gain policy experience in #agrifood @Durham Policy Hub @Lancaster Uni @University Leeds @livuniresthemes @Uo MPolicy @Uniof Newcastle @Shef Uni Impact @Uni Of York…@durham_uni are delighted to be leading a network, and contributing to the @N8research network as a partner. Are you doing an agrifood Ph D at one of the N8 universities?The aim of this study was to apply network methods to evaluate collaborative aspects of a research partnership at two time-points, mid-term and in its final year of operation.A research partnership is defined in this paper as having a shared governance and management structure between the partners to achieve shared goals.In the two survey rounds, online surveys were emailed to one senior person of the organisation participating in the Partnership (2013: 14 organisations; 2014: 11 organisations).The surveys collected data on respondent perceptions of the Partnership as well as social network relationship data.Network density and centrality scores show a well-connected partnership spanning different organisational types and states/territories (Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Far-West New South Wales).High centrality scores reflect high connectivity between key hubs in the network, contributing toward the shared goal of improved Indigenous primary health care.


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