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I remember my favorite was Lunar Days (Sky was Best Boy™).

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would you say this was around the first wave of otome games in the west, when they were just starting to get popular? Even though there isn't a whole lot of character development in the earlier games, I've enjoyed all of them. Toko series, and it's actually really well thought out, and references the other games she's made.

An otome game is a visual novel that mainly targets the female audience (otome gēmu means Maiden Game).

I mean, I played Harvest Moon so technically it might be HM that has that spot, but when I was on some random flash site and played Festival Days that got me really into the whole dating sim stuff.

I remember playing her games a ton, especially since, well, back then there wasn't much otome stuff x DI've followed her DA since around when Wonderland Days game out I think?

Sometimes I play them again for nostalgia like her more recent one Star Days and I even played her non dating sim ones like the Adventures of Mr Xolga and Toko or something.

Lunar days, Chronos days and Number days were my favourite ones but now Star Days is up there too. Just like how other users said, she made me discover otome games.

It probably fell there when the six of you were throwing pennies into it, even though the park staff kept telling you not to do that. The park is still here, but it's encased in some kind of glass dome...? " You shudder at your own pessimistic thoughts, and notice that your phone is somehow ringing.

You let out a small laugh at the memory, and pick up the wallet. "You turn around to yell at any staff members that are surely coming to scold you, but you don't expect what you see. If only you didn't have that creepy satanic laugh ringtone that your friends somehow convinced you was a great thing; this is the worst possible timing."FUCK-!

do you know if she's still working on anything, or if she even makes games like this anymore?

i saw on her tumblr that the last time she posted anything was three years ago (;_;)Yes I loved her games!


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