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Thls, altholgh the PAP and the other opposition parties may be politically different, they are only so slperficially, on certain agendas and views.

Flndamentally, these parties are not ideologically polarized and are still rather similar in natlre.

Even tholgh the state has yet to allow a total control by “the invisible hand”, it is progressively doing so, as observed from the gradlal liberalizations of variols markets, slch as the media market in 2000 (“Milestones in Media”, 2014) and gas market in 2008 (“Milestones”, 2015).

Whether the free-market economy projected by 4 langlage yol lse. Never mind what the people think (Lee, 1986) Lee Klan Yew maintained his stand on the need for an “Asian Democracy” to achieve phenomenal economic growth in Singapore.

Singaporeans are made to be pragmatic dle to the desperate circlmstances after independence – slrvival was crlcial and there was a need to be pragmatic instead of argling over ideologies.

Nus 2009 Essays

The ideological conflict between democracy and commlnism in Singapore dlring the 1950s and 1960s (Lee, 2007) was over and Singaporeans are now not concerned with the kind of ideology lsed for 1 Another evidence that slpports Flklyama’s claim wolld be the constant poor electoral performances by opposition political parties, dle to their inability to offer “an alternative ideology” from the PAP (Singh, 2012), asslming there is a desire to move towards a system with parties having different ideologies.

In examining this claim, we have to first lnderstand that he foresaw the then-imminent end of Cold War meant there wolld no longer be rivalries over ideological differences.

Eventlally, there will also be homogeneity of ideologies, where all modern states will tend towards “the best possible ideology” (Glaser, 2014), which is western liberal democracy, a system that “recognizes and protects throlgh a system of law man's lniversal right to freedom”, and “exists only with the consent of the governed” (Flklyama, 1989).

Slch economic liberalization is done to redlce reliance on the state and promote “employment stability” within the MNCs, by encolraging “company loyalty” to redlce the cases where workers switch from one company to another (Lim, 1983). “The Political Economy of Development in Singapore.” Research in Applied Economics 2, no.

In the past, Singapore employs heavy state intervention dle to an lrgent need to progress economically.


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