Nrotc Scholarship Essay

Please visit the Office of Financial Assistance for more information on how Villanova seeks to make your education affordable.

The Presidential Scholarship is a renewable, merit-based award covering full tuition, room, board (up to 21 meals per week plan), general fee, and the cost of textbooks for eight consecutive semesters.

To be eligible for consideration, students must complete this application, have exemplary high school records, leadership roles, and active involvement through service to the community.

Then, you must submit the Mc Nair Memorial Scholarship application no later than February 1 and the required essay by February 7.

Incomplete applications for admission and/or scholarship will not be eligible for consideration.

The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund has been instituted for the purpose of providing need-based scholarship assistance to those who have extensive personal interest, involvement and experience in the Hispanic/Latinx culture.

Villanova University provides scholarship on the basis of students’ academic achievements, proven leadership, and participation in extracurricular activities – both in their schools and their communities.

Villanova’s merit-based scholarships are offered through the following programs: In addition, Villanova is committed to providing financial assistance to students on the basis of a family’s ability to contribute.

Then, you must submit the Goizueta application no later than February 1 and the required essay by February 7.

Essay prompt: Tell us about your interest, involvement, and experience within the Hispanic/Latinx community.


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