No Essay Required Scholarships

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One essay must be related to travel and your career, and the other must explain why you should receive the scholarship.

The website Money gives out several $1,000 scholarships throughout the year to US students enrolled in (or planning on enrolling by next fall in) college, university, or trade school.

Here are some things to look out for: The scholarships in this section ask students to submit short essays with their applications.

Even though you'll have to write an essay, the rest of the application (and the essay itself) should be easy and manageable for all these awards.

Each of these scholarships involves writing a short (250 words, maximum) essay about the topic at hand.

Students are eligible to win up to two scholarships.Easy scholarships bear in mind who you are, where you are from, and what you do.Perhaps it may seem too good to be true, but all the scholarships listed are real and readily available with more information and opportunities.After using our free scholarship search, you might even decide that any scholarships you find on are going to be easy scholarships to win.The federal government discharged more than million in student loan debt for former students of recently closed for-profit colleges.In fact, most of these applications shouldn't take longer than one to two hours to complete.This scholarship program is a bit different from most of the other awards included in this post—it's funded by a private law firm in Colorado.Students who attended programs operated by Education Corporation of America, Dream Center Education Holdings, Vatterott College and Charlotte School of Law will be able to qualify for a full discharge of their federal loans if they were enrolled when their college closed or withdrew within 120 days of the official closure date and didn’t transfer to another institution, according to Inside Higher Education.[...] College Board is ditching its previous plan to capture socioeconomic information from students with a single score - also known as an "adversity score" - when scoring their SAT college admissions test.The awards might not be as large as some other scholarships out there, but when the application process is so easy, you really don’t have much to lose.I'll start off with some words of warning before getting into the good stuff: essay and no-essay scholarships that are so easy to apply for, you might end up applying to of them!


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