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He argued that indulgences led Christians to avoid true repentance and sorrow for sin, believing that they could forgo it by purchasing an indulgence.

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However, there was one problem connected to indulgences that really got Luther’s blood boiling. were translated into German without his permission, and from that point on, concerns originally intended for the attention of the scholars and clergy of the church became fodder for the masses. would leave an undeniable mark not only upon Christianity but the Western world especially. *** The legacy of the Reformation lives on in those who have been shaped by its teachings.Luther’s intention was to spark an academic debate over the current practice of indulgences in the church as was his right as professor of theology.Yet what transpired from 1517 on could in no way be predicted or anticipated. Ultimately, the point for Luther was that our assurances for saving grace come from Christ and not the pope. For Luther, it was better to give to the poor than to buy an indulgence, as thesis 45 declared, “He who sees a needy man and passes him by, yet gives his money for indulgences, does not buy papal indulgences but God’s wrath.” Similarly, Luther made it clear that it was better to care for one’s family than to waste money on indulgences. By the following year, on August 7, 1518, Luther received a summons by the pope to Rome, to [account] for his ideas and actions.Though Luther claimed that his positions on indulgences accorded with those of the Pope, the Theses challenge a 14th-century papal bull stating that the pope could use the treasury of merit and the good deeds of past saints to forgive temporal punishment for sins.The Theses are framed as propositions to be argued in debate rather than necessarily representing Luther's opinions, but Luther later clarified his views in the Explanations of the Disputation Concerning the Value of Indulgences.Luther's ecclesiastical superiors had him tried for heresy, which culminated in his excommunication in 1521.Though the Theses were the start of the Reformation, Luther did not consider indulgences to be as important as other theological matters which would divide the church, such as justification by faith alone and the bondage of the the Wittenburg Church door on October 31, 1517, he wasn’t launching a fully-formed movement in a single act; he was giving voice to ideas that had been brewing in Christendom for years.Though many Christians see that act as the launch of the Protestant Reformation, the truth is a little more complicated.In Luther’s day, some Church leaders taught that Christians could reduce time spent in purgatory, either for themselves or a deceased loved one, by purchasing a church document called an indulgence. from the medieval papacy at the Fourth Lateran Council to the medieval outliers of church leadership and scholarship, indulgences were known to be susceptible to corruption. Thus, thesis 94 declared that one must put confidence in the promise of Christ and not in the papacy. Luther denied—in theses 27 and 28—that money releases souls from purgatory. Indulgences were, perhaps, more trouble than they were worth.], but instead of being castigated, he was celebrated, and even given the opportunity to persuade those there of his views, including the future prominent Reformer, Martin Bucer. Though Luther believed he was merely fighting the corruption within the church at this point, the church was beginning to have a different view of Luther’s actions. Certainly, the rapid translation of Luther’s into German was a key factor.“Once the coin in the coffer rings,” as one diddy of the time had it, “the soul from purgatory springs.”. This was not even the first time Luther himself voiced concerns over the corruption of indulgences. It was this milestone moment that proved to be the catalyst for daring the church to reform., but less familiar with the content of the theses themselves. In thesis 21, Luther accused the preachers of indulgences of misleading the people. In thesis 35, Luther declared that the idea that contrition is not necessary for redemption is unchristian. Moreover, the translation and publication of Luther’s sermons on indulgences into German, in 1518, was significant as well.


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