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The Members of the Chamber of Deputies (currently 257 deputies) represent the people of the provinces and the City of Buenos Aires.Each province (there are 23 provinces) and the City of Buenos Aires are separate districts, and elect their deputies to the National Legislative from lists established by the political parties, under a proportional system.Home Net Thailand is composed of 6000 members served by NGOs active in three regional networks-the Central (Bangkok) Network , the Northern Network and the North East Network .

The Members of the Chamber of Deputies (currently 257 deputies) represent the people of the provinces and the City of Buenos Aires.

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In South East Asia, there are national homebased workers’ networks – Home Nets – in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

They emerged as part of a major subregional project undertaken from 1988 to 1996 by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and funded by DANIDA.

The strength of the network lies in its grassroots membership and the technical support it extends to its members.

At the same time it carries the voice of the homebased workers at the national, regional and international levels, to influence legislation, policies and programmes.

Senators hold office for a term of six years and may be re-elected; but the Senate is renewed by one-third of the constituencies every two years.

The adoption of a law requires the approval by both chambers of the Legislature, and promulgation by the President, who may reject it partially or totally.The primary objective then was to launch a co-ordinated campaign for the 1995 ILO conference where the agenda included discussion on the development of the Convention for home-based workers.In principle, Home Net supports home-based workers in democratic, membership-based organisations both as trade unions or other forms such as associations, co-operatives or people’s organisations.The Congress is empowered to approve or reject treaties concluded with other nations and international organizations, and concordats with the Holy See.Once ratified, treaties and concordats have supremacy over laws.In addition, the PATAMABA youth sector has been actively recruiting from among their ranks, and has reported a membership of at least 2,000.In Indonesia, MWPRI (or the National Network of Friends of Women Homeworkers) now has 19 collaborating NGOs.The Presidential veto can, however, be overturned by a qualified majority of two thirds of the votes in each Chamber.The Judicial Power is vested in a Supreme Court (nine Judges appointed by the President with the approval of the Senate) and in lower courts.Deputies hold office for a term of four years and may be re-elected, and the Chamber is renewed by half every two years.Further to the 1994 amendment of the Constitution, the Senate (72 seats) is made up of three senators for each province, and three for the City of Buenos Aires, jointly and directly elected, corresponding to two seats for the political party obtaining the majority of votes, and the other seat to the political party coming in second.


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