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He is basically saying that they were treated as someone that kept mankind going rather than a provider.

He is basically saying that they were treated as someone that kept mankind going rather than a provider.

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The poor were getting poorer and the rich were getting richer.

Swift uses the word 'breeders' to refer to women.

Swift, writing as if a statistician who had solved the problems of the poor, unveiled the theory that the Irish could sell their babies as food to the English.

"A child will make two dishes at an entertainment for friends, and when the family dines alone, the fore or hind quarter will make a reasonable dish," wrote Swift, who used a standard essay format and irony to drive home his criticism of a system that left the Irish in England barred from owning property, seeking elected office and receiving an education.

Then, jot down some outlandish ideas, such as a law that requires all handguns to be painted in floral designs.

Have the argument come from an expert in the field of fashion. Verbal irony is defined as a figure of speech in which the writer says the opposite of what he means. Search for examples of verbal irony on the Web."A Modest Proposal" is available free online, since it is in the public domain for literature. Irony is the tool that Swift employed to deliver biting satire.

Swift's character is matter-of-fact and calm in tone, and comes up with many examples of why his idea will solve the poverty problem.

"A Modest Proposal" never attacks anyone, rather it satirizes the separation of rich and poor through irony. Revise the essay, after studying your first draft and taking note of any edits or suggestions.

Bearing babies as cattle is horrific and ridiculous, but his choice of images -- a cut of meat on the dinner table -- is darkly hilarious.

Swift adds tiny gems, such as the suggestion that babies' skin would make excellent gloves.


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