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For example, in your paper you write: In their Preface, the authors point out that “Learning Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) is like learning any new language, computer or human” (Musciano and Kennedy xi). For example: Musciano and Kennedy suggest that we should avoid breaking tags across lines in our source document whenever possible to promote readability and reduce potential errors in HTML documents (41).

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The Web has drastically changed many of the traditional ways we have become accustomed to in documenting sources.

Once in a while, we need to remind ourselves that common sense, logic, and consistency are the main ingredients for writing a good citation.

NOTE: The "Twentieth Century Views" series is no longer published, but the Chelsea House series (general editor, Harold Bloom) attempts to fill the need for convenient collections of significant criticism on works commonly taught.

The rule is that everyone whose ideas or actual words you use in your narrative must appear, alphabetically, in Works Cited. Novel or play in an anthology: (Note: a story or poem in an anthology would be cited exactly the same, except the title would be quoted rather than underlined.) Morrison, Toni. Such collections are, of course, useful for insight on what scholars thought about that novel the women's movement changed critical perspectives.

In your Bibliography, your entry for this parenthetical reference would read:“SIN 2002 Book Prize Winners.” U of Waterloo. On your Works Cited (or Bibliography) page, you should list the following in alphabetical order by first word along with your other citations: Harris, Charlie, et al. For further details on Internet citations, see Item #23. Unless the paragraphs or screens are clearly numbered on the Web page by the author or Webmaster, paragraphs or screen numbers probably should not be arbitrarily assigned when citing sources.

The reason for not citing, for example, is that it may be quite inaccurate to indicate such a screen number for a document printed from the Internet.

"Morrison's Voices: Formal Education, the Work Ethic, and the Bible." American Literature 58 (1986): 217-37. Article in a scholarly journal that pages each issue separately (i.e., each issue begins with page1)--give volume, issue, and year. "The Sinister Oriental Thriller: Fiction and the Asian Scene." Journal of Popular Culture 19.2 (1985): 49-61. Article in a magazine (not a scholarly journal), give complete date (if weekly), otherwise month and year. Basic biographical information about a major author, such as dates of birth and death, would be considered common knowledge.

You MUST document data, facts, or information that are not common knowledge.

Citations to the sources on the Works Cited list go in parenthesis within your document. Go to the FAQ on MLA Style Go to the UAH Writing Center's links to online style guides More Examples of MLA Bibliography Entries MLA Author/Page System for Parenthetical Documentation The in-text citations can be keyed to the bibliography in various ways. The most dangerous are those who claim to work from a wholly unbiased perspective (free of all but the "universals" of human experience). Critics disagree with each other; you can disagree with them.

The MLA style uses the author/page system: in parenthesis giving the authors last name and the page number from which you got the information. If a critic disagrees with you, the disagreement may arise from that critic's particular perspective, rather than from some serious flaw in your own thinking. What's important is that you form your opinion on valid evidence; that you argue from knowledge, not from ignorance (of the text, the author, the historical period, and whatever may be pertinent to your topic); and that you provide adequate explanation for others to understand your argument.


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