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In addition, an industrial internship and a research project work (Mini Thesis) are an integral part of each study track.

The Master Thesis concludes the four-semester study program to be awarded the Master of Science degree from the RWTH Aachen University.

They must always be filled out completely and signed in the order given.

In the Central Examination Office (ZPA), the thesis is registered in the Campus Management system and the submission date can be announced.

At the time of your application, the International Office will ask you to indicate who will supervise your project.

We urge you to take all the necessary steps when contemplating whether you would like to study at RWTH Aachen University.Thus, students can chart a customized learning program according to their educational background and professional career plans.Our graduates At the beginning of the program, students choose to pursue either the "Conception of Machines" or the "Production of Machines" specialization.Both specializations consist of lectures and practice elements, such as exercises and laboratory sessions, during which students are exposed to the most advanced techniques in the field.Our students are taught by internationally known and academically accredited specialists from the respective disciplines or faculties in an environment that focuses on facilitating your intellectual, professional and personal advancement.In addition, approximately 80 student assistants are engaged to help with teaching and research.In August 2013, Bernd Markert was appointed full professor at the RWTH Aachen University and Director of the Institute of General Mechanics in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.A external faculty supervisor is a supervisor at the site of the external project or paper, e.g. An external faculty supervisor only has the right to recommend a grade, if he or she is a professor or private lecturer at a German scientific university.In all other cases, the internal faculty supervisor isuses the grade alone.You can submit the sheet via mail or in person to departmental advising.If you send the record sheet for your Bachelor thesis by post, it will be sent back to you by post to the address specified on the record sheet.


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