Master Of Architecture Thesis

Applicants to the 2-year degree whose undergraduate work does not meet these criteria will be considered for admission to the 3-year degree. The chart below outlines the sequencing of required core courses and seletive offerings for the 2-year Master of Architecture course of study. A student should have completed the following pre-requisite courses as part of their undergraduate degree in architecture.

Students must earn 60 credit hours and satisfactorily complete the required courses before a degree is granted. If any course deficiencies are found, the student must complete extra courses in addition to the regular 60 credit hours of the master of architecture curriculum.

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University of Michigan's Taubman College graduate degree in architecture is open to students who have already earned a pre-professional undergraduate degree in architecture (2-year) as well as those who received undergraduate degree in a subject other than architecture (3-year).

To ensure the success of primary care practices, the architectural design of primary care clinics needs to address these changes to satisfy both patients and staff, and to improve efficiency and outcomes of care.

There is limited literature on the design usability (efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction) of primary care clinics.

Facility management is performed by professionals with training and experience in the related fields of building operation, maintenance, upgrade and repair.

BIM is a professional tool which requires intense training and knowledge.

This 105-credit-hour degree draws upon the diverse backgrounds of each student to encourage a multi-faceted discussion of architecture.

The first year builds a foundation that drives the following years; students join their peers in the 2-year master of architecture track for the second and third years.


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