Martin Luther King'S Thesis

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The church was very much a part of his life as both his father and grandfather had been Baptist preachers.

They themselves were involved in thecivil rights movement.

King then moved on to a bill that would guarantee the voting rights of the black community in America. From this time on, King became more and more concerned with the poverty of those in America – both black and white.

For whatever reason, King became more radical – or so it seemed to those who distrusted him. At the most basic level, the KKK did what they could to tarnish his name in the South.

This was read by some students at Greensboro, North Carolina and they started the student sit-in of the Woolworth’s lunch counter which had a policy of not serving African-Americans.

Though the students were frequently abused and assaulted, they never fought back.

His house was fire-bombed and others involved with MIA were also intimidated – but by the end of 1956, segregation had been lifted in Montgomery and bus integration had been introduced.

Another result of the boycott was the establishment of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).

King became convinced that such methods would be of great value to the civil rights movement.

After leaving Crozer, King got married to Coretta Scott.


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