Macbeth Research Essay

Imagery Essay and Plan Page — Analyze imagery in the play.Essay Prompts developed by Donna Tanzer offer a wide range of posible toipics, not necessarily AP level.

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Compare and Contrast as its All School Read for incoming freshmen, each student had to select one of these MIT Essay Topics.

MIT also provided a set of Discussion Questions which would work well with AP or Regular classes.

Lit Charts has detailed activities for every scene.

Lit Plan (140 pages) emphasizes recall and comprehension activities but is thorough and detailed.

Lady Macbeth & How to Get What You Want is a detailed lesson on her persuasive techniques (from the British Council).

Scene Analysis allows students to choose a passage for in-depth analysis.Highland School’s Study Questions are 85 questions that check recall and comprehension for the whole play.Analyze this Times article about the Scottish Parliament’s efforts to clear Macbeth’s name.Movie Trailer Project requires students to actually produce a movie trailer for a film version of Macbeth. Since I provide the research, I can more easily teach proper use of integrating quotes for evidence and protect against plagiarism.Background and context essays could also be part of the packet.Composition Assignments for each act require a paragraph response, total of 30 for play.Scene by Scene Questions are more numerous, but less in-depth.(My favorite creative project.) Macbeth Portfolio lists multiple challenging projects in three required categories — Art/Graphics/Design/Audio, Creative Writing, and Analytical Writing.Special Student Projects offers a dozen activities from each of four categories: the Historian’s Studio, the Artist’s Studio, the Writer’s Workshop, and the Speaker’s Platform. can serve as a controlled research paper packet, much like the Synthesis Essay on the AP Languge test.Acting Presentation & Rubric lists approved scenes for student performance.Casting Major Characters asks students to justify cast selections for major roles.


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