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Taking well-organised notes to summarise and paraphrase sources as you read and reflect is essential.In order to plan and write your literature review article efficiently, you will need to know the exact source of each important bit of information.Many scholarly journals publish stand-alone literature reviews as review articles, survey articles or literature overviews, and some journals are entirely dedicated to publications of this kind.

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This step will probably already have begun before you consulted the journal guidelines in Step 1 and it may still be in progress as you search for studies to review in Step 3: these three initial steps often overlap each other considerably.

Your focus, topic or research problem or question could be chosen based on a number of different factors, but your ability to do the subject justice should certainly be among them, and so should the potential usefulness of your review for fellow researchers and other readers of the journal, so give serious thought to what sort of review your anticipated audience will want to read.

Stand-alone literature reviews recently published by the journal (and similar journals in the field) will provide useful models of how to write a literature review for a journal and perhaps offer some helpful references as well.2.

Choose and refine your review’s focus, topic or research problem or question.

Review articles also tend to be highly cited, making them appealing for both journals and authors, and the authors who write reviews can enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate an enviable depth and breadth of knowledge as well.

This is a vital point to recognise, because that depth and breadth of knowledge is necessary to produce a truly insightful and useful literature review for publication in a journal.

Be sure to use a few or several effective words and phrases and more than one of the databases commonly consulted in your field or discipline.

Library catalogues and the librarians who manage them can also be extremely helpful, and the citations and reference lists in recent publications will lead to still more useful publications, as will other review articles on topics similar to your own.

Here’s another way of describing those four main tasks.

8 Key Steps for Writing a Literature Review Article for a Journal Knowing how to write a literature review for an academic or scientific journal is a valuable skill.


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