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A few accept common decent but reject the Darwinisn mechanism. Most all persons on this list are also skeptical of the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life.

A few accept common decent but reject the Darwinisn mechanism.

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Modern biology is basically unthinkable outside of the context of evolution and that is why it is accepted without reservations by pretty much every working scientists [sic] in the life sciences.

It also isn’t really questioned in the other natural sciences, either, like physics or chemistry.. The book in his right hand is Alexander von Humboldt’s Personal Narrative – the book that triggered Darwin’s desire to travel and observe the natural history of far away places.

I contacted most of those on this list but, if they have published books or articles that clearly express doubts about Darwinism, or were active in various creation or ID movements, I did not always contact them.

Most of the following worldwide scientists and educators (by the time this list was published some may be deceased) all reject “Darwinism” according to the following definition: The belief that evolution and common decent can account for the existence of all life.

His BA and MA are both in biology from Pacific Union College and his Ph D is in Fish and Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University.

Professor of Biology at Southern Adventist University.

Many of those who did not want their names on this list are young academics without tenure, or academics who are concerned that “outing” them could seriously damage their career. For this reason I have a private list with well over a 1,000 names.

Many on this list are secure tenured professors, teach at Christian Universities that protect their academic freedom to criticize Darwinism, or are in industry, or in a medical field where less antagonism exists when it comes to questioning Darwin.

Thus “it seems reasonable to conclude that most CRS Board members are serious, if not notable, scientists.” Anonymous.

“Noted Evolutionist says He Won’t Debate Creationists.” World by Design. Note: for each person I have tried to include current profession, degrees, what in, where from, and select major accomplishments.


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