King Arthur Man Or Myth Essay

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In the face of imminent death Merlin appeared unafraid.

Ambrosius sent for the magician, who advised him to obtain the Dance of Giants stones from Ireland.

Ambrosius' brother, Uther Pendragon, then defeated the Irish.

He pulled it from the anvil easily and presented it to Sir Kay, who recognized it and claimed to be the new king.

However, Sir Ector forced his son to confess that Arthur had given him the sword.

With Merlin's help the huge stones were taken back to England and set up at Stonehenge.

With the memorial completed, Merlin saw a blazing star in the shape of a dragon, an omen foretelling Ambrosius' death, the kingship of Uther Pendragon, and a future king — Uther's son — who would prove to be the greatest sovereign Britain would ever have.

After Arthur had replaced the sword in the anvil it was conclusively proved that only he could remove it.

The commoners and many nobles accepted Arthur as king, and he was duly crowned. Yet a number of nobles refused to accept this fifteen-year-old as their rightful king. Arthur set up a court at Caerleon and one at Camelot.

Sir Kay had left his sword at home and sent his squire, Arthur, to fetch it.

Finding the place locked, Arthur remembered the sword in the churchyard and went to get it.


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