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Over the course of about 2 years the Jimi Hendrix Experience released their 1st, 2nd and 3rd singles.They also toured in the UK, US, with the Monkeys and Jimi had his now legendary performance at the Monterey Pop Festival.

Over the course of about 2 years the Jimi Hendrix Experience released their 1st, 2nd and 3rd singles.

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("Time Line") Many people think his heartbreak over his mother's death is why Jimi turned to the guitar and writing music because, "At its core, Hendrix's music was all about the blues." (Fricke).

A year later in 1959 Jimi played in his first concert with "The Velvetones".

Just a few months after Jimi turned 16 his mother Lucille died.

Jimi got his first guitar later in the year of his mother's death.

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Archimedes made many discoveries throughout his life.

("Time Line") There were many great musicians in the 20th century, and some people believe that they have had a greater influence than Jimi Hendrix on rock today.

There were the Beatles, Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones and many other... It was a quaint little town that was an exciting place to live.

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