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However, I believe the impact of culture, religion and weltanschauuing — one's world view — play a larger role than is given credit for. The more resources a group of people have, the easier, and quicker, they will grow.

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Furthermore, “Big Men” only stay in power if they are working in the best interest of the state.

, Jared Diamond explains the reasons why things worked out that way.

Europe and Asia, Jared maintains, have a geographical edge over civilizations that developed elsewhere because these continents have a "horizontal orientation of axes" - that is to say long, broad stretches of land in various climates rather than thin, narrow axes of climates as are found in the Americas and Africa.

These axes, Diamond argues created "proximate factors" (more domesticatable animals, greater variety of food sources for example) that in turn allowed civilizations to conquer other peoples - and eventually conquer the civilizations on other continents in turn.

Why would a person be inclined, even before they learn the facts, to disagree with his theory?

What are the other theories, and why would people choose to believe them over this one?

And finally, what makes this theory This may be hard to swallow as of yet, but the examination continues.

A popular conflicting belief is called the “Big Man Theory,” in which they state that history is driven and decided by a few “Big Men” with big ideas.

Diamond, a professor of physiology at UCLA, suggests that the geography of Eurasia was best suited to farming, the domestication of animals, and the free flow of information.

The more populous cultures that developed as a result had more complex forms of government and communication - and increased resistance to disease.


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