Is Affirmative Action Ethical Essay

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Since the 60’s, additional attributes have been added to Kennedy’s order (e.g.sexual orientation) to continue ensuring that no group of people face unjust discrimination.

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Schools that served these neighborhoods thus catered almost exclusively to minorities.

In the days of lawful segregation, these school districts were under-funded.

One of the most damaging effects, however, was the creation of a gap–more specifically, an educational gap. Minorities were educated in segregated schools well into the 1960’s (contrary to popular belief, African Americans were not the only ones impacted by school segregation—in many parts of the country Mexican-, Asian- and Native Americans were also segregated).

This discrepancy in education between whites and minorities was unlikely an explicit rationale for the discrimination, but it happened. Today the segregation of schools is illegal, but education inequality remains a relevant issue.

It aims to fairly distribute opportunities to minorities who start off at a disadvantage, levelling the playing field, if you will.

Racial oppression has caused minorities to get a late start and affirmative action lends a hand in reversing the negative effects of years of historical, and continued, discrimination.To provide a pointed discussion on affirmative action moving forward, however, this piece will focus specifically on the premise of race in the context of college admissions.Henceforth, the term “minorities” will be referencing American students in the United States who do not qualify as racially white.We don’t want the policy to last forever, but it needs to last until equal opportunity is I’ve already admitted that affirmative action is unequal; however, it is not unfair.To believe that it provides an unfair advantage requires believing that all remnants of discrimination have disappeared, a statement that just isn’t true.Affirmative action is a policy that is part of a larger effort towards total inclusion.The overarching goal is to overcome discrimination and unjust practices in higher education admissions, not to change the target of those practices.The best way to end exclusionary practices is to put special policies, like affirmative action, in place to ensure inclusion. In fact, studies comparing class-based affirmative action to race-based affirmative action at elite institutions indicate that in both cases, students are more likely to succeed—to integrate academically, socially, and eventually graduate—than their counterparts who attended less selective schools.The theory here is that enrolling minorities in schools they would not have attended otherwise leads to failure; a concept sometimes referred to as “mismatch effect.” Arguably, minorities may not be as well equipped for college due to aforementioned disadvantages. Before deeming a student academically incompetent, you should ask whether colleges are providing a safe space with counselling, tutoring, and support for minorities whose needs are unique and different.This argument, similar to the first, rests on the assumption that equal opportunity already exists which I’ve already mentioned is false.Only given that presumption could one argue that minority students do not need to work as hard to achieve the same success.


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