Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution is known as a period in which fundamental changes occurred in agriculture, textiles and metal manufacture.

This period destroyed the old manner of doing things.

Merchants usually reduced the number of workers to avoid the higher wages.

The merchant capitalist found it difficult to convince peasants workers to increase the output.

The role of the peasants in the Industrial Revolution was to grow a lot of crops and so on.

The peasants could supplement their agricultural income and take advantage of the winter months when farming was impossible.The Industrial Revolution witnesses a huge growth in the size of British cities.In 1695 the population in Britain was estimated to be 5.5 million .It brought positive and negative effects to the world and the people living in it.Inventions, ideas, and new ways of transportation were all positive outcomes of this revolution.The factory system of manufacturing began in the 18th century and is based on concentration of industry into specialised establishments.This system also arose the course of Industrial Revolution.Some worked 12hours a day and earning a household income.Women and children were required to work and often in mines or factories where the working conditions were not good.The Industrial Revolution first started during the 18th century in England.It soon spread through countries such as the United States, Germany, and France.


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