Importance Computer Technology Essay

Computers are now so advanced that they are being used for almost everything.

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Today the computers and new innovation like the Internet has changed the business world and even our daily lives.

The computer has made everybody's life easier.

One of the main reasons why computers are being put in schools is because of the students.

Computers are being put in schools so that students can do certain tasks they cannot do without a computer such as typing a paper or searching certain information for a project.

Additional changes such as submission of work via email and responding to enquiries online save time and energy.

In addition to computers, many schools and colleges are using new methods of technology to enhance the learning experience; these include digital television channels, DVDs, digital radio and sophisticated forms of communication technology.

Practically, students can work much faster using a computer which enables them to do more study in the same period of time.

Computer technology has enabled teachers to make their lessons more interactive and therefore more interesting and rewarding; this method has also been shown to improve pupil performance as lessons are more memorable and therefore students are able to retain information more effectively.

Technology is an increasingly important aspect of modern school life and has dramatically changed the way teachers and students go about their daily activities.

For children, computer technology has provided an indescribable wealth of resources, information and knowledge; since the introduction of the internet, students are now able to access information on whatever subject they want, wherever they want.


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