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The quicker the solution, the greater the feelings of achievement. We get drawn to quick fixes not only in our jobs, but also in our private lives, in our relationships, and even in politics and international relationships.The Psychology of Problem Solving Quick fixes don’t require any mental energy. They are our knee jerk reactions to the problems we face.These can again be tackled with the "ideal" steps until a final satisfactory solution is found. An insight is usually so rapid and clear that we often wonder how such an "obvious" solution could have been missed.

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“It wasn’t happening a lot,” says customer service manager Ramon Hernandez.

“But more often than we wanted.” Fast forward several months.

Don’t wait for someone to write it after your death. And from there, you can reverse engineer your life to live the best possible life you can.

[From Coon, Introduction to Psychology, Exploration and Application.] - Problem Solving may be the result of thinking that is mechanical, insightful, or based on understanding.

- If you can't reach the goal directly, try to identify an intermediate goal or subproblem that at least gets you closer. Most valuable heuristic of all is having a general thinking strategy.

- Represent the problem in other ways, with graphs, diagrams, or analogies, for instnce. Doing so may eliminate many alternatives, or it may clarify what is needed for a solution. Psychologist John Bransford and his colleagues list five steps that they believe lead to effective problem solving: 5. Of course, each atempted solution may identify further subproblems. With humans we say that insight has occurred when an answer suddenly appears after a period of unsuccessful thought.

Occasionally, as its production team was working on a baler, the welders would find they were missing a part they needed to move the job along.

When that happened, they found the part and finished the baler, but it gnawed at them that it kept happening.

That’s why we are drawn to quick fixes and avoid ideal solutions.

When it comes to problem solving, choosing the painful option in the short term results in much less pain in the long term.


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