I Am Legend Essay

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The most common theme of this novel is an emphasis on human emotion and how we interact with others.But here again, Matheson refuses to handle thisencounter in the expected manner,instead deftly presenting this story inbits and pieces over the course of thebook, some aspects described inflashback, others in dialogue or interior monologue. We see that here in the subplot about the dog, or the carefullyconstructed adversarial relationship between Neville and Ben Cortman,his former neighbor who is now the most deadly of the marauding vampires.The book has filmed on several disgusting creatures who smell bad and are revolting in every way. Perhaps the most surprising twist, in book filledwith them, comes at the conclusion of , when our hero realizeshow much he has in common with the evil creatures of the night he has been battling since page one.Turning female vampires into sexy creatures is absurd."And, true, if you are seeking sexy vampires, you can skip Richard Matheson's book. But don’t expect a novel of sort to end with a happy love fest or truce betweenthe undead and the living. Instead youwill learn exactly what it takes to become a legend. Matheson himself notwithstanding—you should try to avoidat all costs.may have spent its first half-centuryas the great vampire novel, but in its new life it has turned into a classic textof outsiders and victims, countercultures and marginalized communities.Matheson deals with all these issues with a surprisingly light touch, focusingon details that rarely come to the forefront of horror stories.The longestchapter in deals with Neville's attempt to befriend a stray dog,the only familiar creature he has encountered in the three years sincesociety collapsed.Asto other theories of the book’s hidden meaning, he responds: "I don't thinkthe book means anything more than it is: the story of a man trying to survivein a world of vampires."Matheson breaks many of the most basic rules of horror fiction in this work.Although this novel initiated the craze for stories about a zombie apocalypse—a plot that is more popular nowadays than ever before—he actually opensthe book after the decimation of the population.During the day,he hunts for sleeping vampires and hammers stakes through their hearts.And occasionally he remembers the past, events he would prefer to forget.


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