How To Write A Good Literature Review

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Use that mini-conceptual schema to write up your literature review based on the excerpts that you have in front of you.

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A literature review I am currently working on, for example, explores barriers to higher education for undocumented students.

Step Two: Search for the literature: Conduct a comprehensive bibliographic search of books and articles in your area.

Don’t summarize, as summarizing takes longer than simply typing the excerpt. When you finish, place each stack of notes into an envelope labeled with the name of the theme.

Make sure to note the name of the author and the page number following each excerpt. Step Five: Create Your Conceptual Schema: Type, in large font, the name of each of your coded themes.

The mere fact of having a system can make the literature review seem much less daunting, so I recommend this system for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the prospect of writing a literature review.

*Destination Dissertation: A Traveler's Guide to a Done Dissertation Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California // Tanya Golash-Boza is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Merced, and author of the blog, Get a Life, Ph D.

The great thing about this process is that it breaks down into manageable steps something that seems enormous: writing a literature review. students, unless you are already familiar with the literature.

I think that Foss and Walter’s system for writing the literature review is ideal for a dissertation, because a Ph. candidate has already read widely in his or her field through graduate seminars and comprehensive exams. It is always hard to figure out how much you need to read for deep meaning, and how much you just need to know what others have said.

Repeat this for each section of your literature review.

Once you complete these six steps, you will have a complete draft of your literature review.


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