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I can’t stress this enough though, you MUST put yourself out there and meet people. Just a few things I’ve done over the past 12 months are because of networking (even when I didn’t really want to).

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Whether you feel you have nothing to say or have something to say but are afraid of writing it, writer’s block is a vicious, draining, and highly inconvenient experience that all of us will encounter at one time or another.

Dipping into past ideas can provide an imaginary ladder over the obstacle of writer’s block. ” moment that writer’s block ultimately prohibits is achieved by simply flicking through your own notesafter all, it was precisely an ‘aha!

You should feel confident now to put something’s on your resume or apply what you’ve learned to finally start this creative career change in a strong way. Start putting ad’s or answering ad’s on craigslist and work in the evenings and on the weekends to start.

Blast out your refreshed resume and update that Linked In page. Maybe your creative career change is entrepreneurial and you need to start developing your client base and advertising that you’re “in business”.

I take control of my own shiz and don’t expect anyone to help me. Last year, because of this board, I got to lend a hand to a bunch of college students build this Zero-Net Energy house.

These are just some examples from my own experience, but make your own, meet your tribe, and make some waves. You started with a hobby, learned about yourself and what you like, met some people who like those things too, stalked people who have been successful doing it, made the time to focus and learn in a massive way, and networked in the right circles.Whichever it is, you should be at a place now where you have built up some confidence and now: This is no “fake it until you make it” scheme.This is real work that can be done systematically and can help build up your confidence while you get your feet wet in a creative career.Well, if you’re lacking inspiration and need some ideas, here are some creative career options you may not have thought about that are fairly easy to get into.I’ve even put an asterisks next to the careers I’m intimately familiar with and have done myself (I’m a creativity nerd so there’s quite a few I’ve done! So if you’re interested in these, send me a message and I’d be glad to give you some ideas on where to start because you’ll see as you keep reading that you’ll want to find people who know about these careers.The idea has stuck with meon many occasions I’ve been asked to produce a piece of work within a crazily tight deadline, and I find that, most often, coming up with the idea for a commissioned work can take more time than actually writing it.Hence, notebooks And while I’m selling the act of carrying a notebook at all times, let me divulge the most important benefit: notebooks can counter writer’s block.In fact, sign up for free to get the Checklist printable for your next 12 months to get your started on your creative career path.Like I said, this is going to take some effort on your part. So, here is a taste of the key points (before I dive into them deeper) to starting a creative career when you have no experience and no clue where to begin.You’re going to need a cheering squad and some support! In fact, you’re going to utilize what they’ve already done as a basic map of ideas for how you can get there too. Once you take this online course, it may provide a reasonable goal for opening your business. If you’re wanting to become a graphic designer and start with some beginner courses, enroll in those courses, but don’t forget to decide what you’re going to do when it’s done.If you’ve got some hobbies now and are spending lots of time on all of them, you’re going to need to make a decision to spend a little more time on a specific hobby. You’ll need to set a date and work backwards to that date. Here are my favorite tips for staying actionable and accountable to your own personal goals: This can be the toughest part for people looking to change careers, especially for introverts.


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