How To Start A Cause And Effect Essay

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Then, that effect leads to some other situation, and so on.

In some instances, you’ll just have to explain causes of some effect or effects that occurred due to some cause.

As mentioned above, adequate structure and proper outline are the keys in the successful completion of cause and effect essay.

It’s always useful to have a schematic demonstration of your outline on a piece of paper.

This will help you with the context, research, and ensures you don’t drift away from the subject, which happens sometimes.

To determine the cause, you should ask yourself In the example mentioned above, you have global warming as an effect of multiple causes.

This allows you to complete your essay discussing different factors that contributed to global warming while citing official sources, respected journals, and so on.

This part shouldn’t be too long; a few sentences are enough.

Start by quoting someone, mentioning some general info or anecdote and move your way to the thesis statement.

The structure of your work will depend on the type of subject i.e.

whether the essay will discuss both causes and effects combined or one of these factors individually.


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