How To Do A Term Paper

Many good ideas are wasted because students have a hard time focusing on a narrow enough topic.I'd much rather have a paper that says a lot about a little, than a paper that says a little about a lot. Generalize to similar or related topics (cloning of humans vs.So psych* would be searched as psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy, all at the same time.

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The rules and fees vary, and there may be photocopy fees or other restrictions.

BUT remember that these ILL transactions take lots of time.

If you get zip, try thinking of alternate terms, synonyms, slang etc. Usually you get way too much, because in our haste to get everything online, we've indexed everything to death.

So a search on alligators turns up everything from wildlife to recipes.

Kind of like a sixth sense, or a really obscure super power. Remember that most of the interface you deal with aren't really librarians, they're student workers, clerical staff, or whoever else could be dragooned into helping to fill the long hours on the firing line.

In your first draft, say what you have to say, then punch it up or trim it down as need be. Outlining is a genuine pain, which I personally put in the same category as cleaning the litter box - a necessary evil. You should seek out and befriend a competent and helpful reference librarian early on, like Buffy found Giles.

But it actually does help, especially in the early stages of your paper, by forcing you to come to terms with what you want to say about your topic. If you find that person, the path to the information you will need to graduate will be smoothly paved, and may even turn out to be full of interesting roadside attractions. Each page of your term paper should have around 1-3 references per page, as a general rule of thumb.

It can also show you where you will need to apply your research time, and reveal major deficiencies in your approach to your topic. So figure for ten pages, about 10-15 references and so on.

You can order a copy of any book or journal article through the library's inter-library loan department.

Ask at the reference/information desk about this service.


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