How To Avoid Plagiarism In A Research Paper

And, most importantly, they are not your original work – meaning they ARE plagiarized.

Throughout the lifetime of your scholastic career, it is likely that you will be told over and over again to take every measure possible to ensure that the work that you are submitting is yours, and only yours.

Check to see which type of documentation is preferred by your teacher.

Most word processors have the superscript, Footnote and Endnote capability.

To avoid plagiarism, all students must document sources properly using Footnotes, Endnotes, or Parenthetical References, and must compose a Bibliography, References, or Works Cited page and place it at the end of the research paper to list the sources used.

Of the three ways to document sources – Footnotes, Endnotes, and Parenthetical References, the simplest is using Parenthetical References, sometimes referred to as Parenthetical Documentation or Parenthetical Citations.This means not submitting someone else’s essay as your own, properly crediting any sources you might have quoted or used during your research and not using something that you wrote previously, in another context, without properly citing it. Continue reading to learn what you can do to lessen the chances of intentional (and unintentional) plagiarism.Plagiarism is, literally speaking, the act of knowingly or unknowingly passing someone else’s work off as your own.Do not download information from CD-ROMs or someone else’s original work off the Internet and directly incorporate such information into your essay without paraphrasing and acknowledging its source.Remember that plagiarism also includes “ghost writing”, buying a text from someone and patchwriting — simply taking parts from various texts and combining them in your own text in different ways.Do not be tempted to get someone else to write your research paper, hand in the same essay to two or more different teachers, or purchase instant essays from the Web.Taking a paper from your friend or from a senior student’s archive is also not a very good idea.If you are required to use Footnotes or Endnotes, it is well worth the effort to master this feature on the computer a few days before your paper is due.If you use Parenthetical References you only need to put a short reference enclosed in parentheses immediately after the citation, then list the sources cited in your Bibliography, Works Cited or References page at the end of your paper.Furthermore, while it may seem tempting to purchase an essay from an online content mill or one of those websites promising to secure you a passing grade, this is not a good idea.More often than not, these types of ‘for purchase’ essays and reports are re-sold over and over again.


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