How Does Jrotc Help Build Character And Leadership Essay

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For some cadets from the inner city, their instructors may be the only role models they have.And because JROTC is funded by the military branches, it’s free to join (without any military obligation when finished). At no cost at all, JROTC cadets can gain: These experiences can then be used while serving in the military, while in college or in almost any career in the real world. Army, JROTC cadets in Chicago, Detroit and rural Hawaii had higher graduation rates compared to their overall senior class: Another big benefit to joining JROTC and ROTC is the financial aid these programs offer.

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Cadets in leadership roles can get an additional $3,375 per year.

And the best part – there isn’t an application process.

The stated mission of JROTC is “motivating young people to be better citizens.” The vision of this Congress-mandated program is “to provide quality leadership, character, and leadership development, while fostering partnerships with communities and educational institutions.” Many students think JROTC is a military-preparation program, but as you can see, its mission and vision doesn’t state that. With this focus on leadership, core values, abilities and self-discipline, cadets are better positioned to function in life itself, even if they never go into the military.

Since the beginning, the purpose of the JROTC program has been to teach cadets leadership, geography, civics, health, global awareness, life skills and U. A cadet battalion may contain additional positions and the list of duties for each position can vary.

The mission of the second year is focused more on leadership. Third-year cadets get more exposure to leadership situations by functioning as teachers and leaders within their cadet battalion.

Courses include techniques of communication, leadership with a leadership lab, Cadet Challenge, first aid, map reading, history, American citizenship, career opportunities and the role of the U. Cadets also pursue independent studies in communications, first aid, history, map reading, career opportunities and technology awareness.

Students join JROTC for various reasons – a personal goal, to follow in a family member’s footsteps, to help pay for college or to just be part of an organization that allows them to show their patriotism and desire to serve their country.

Some students, however, may be on the fence about joining.

The curriculum in a JROTC program is generally broken down into four modules called Leadership Education and Training or LET. Army JROTC curriculum to give you an idea of what’s covered in each LET: Because the first-year mission is to motivate cadets to be better citizens, instruction focuses on citizenship, leadership and succeeding in high school and beyond.

Each military branch’s JROTC curriculum differs slightly. Community activities vary but typically include providing color guards at events, participating in community parades and being part of drill and rifle teams.


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