How Do We Use Critical Thinking In Art

Using critical thinking techniques and questions may have no immediate relationship to the subject matter as performance.Opportunities for enhancing critical thinking can be used in addition to performing and visual arts.“I agree with you because…” I disagree because…” ~ Discuss how the subject may be relevant at home or in other aspects of their lives.

Are you all about questioning assumptions rather than just blindly accepting them?

Then an arts integration education might be exactly what you need.

Arts and crafts may have a benefit for many–very useful for social/emotional wellness and special education, and fun too.

Arts education is not learning lines or music by rote and performing it totally detached from what you are doing.

~ Use the New Version of Bloom’s Taxonomy A few more words about Tests. Currently, there is little use of critical thinking. If they cannot remember a fact, perhaps they can use reasoning abilities and get the right answer.

Tests will evolve to something better, I believe they have to.

Critical thinkers want to know that the incoming information is representative of the bigger picture.

If they determine that it’s not, they’ll take the necessary measures to get that additional information.

And it gives them the skills that build the foundation of critical thinking.

Knowing how to receive information, clearly consider it and then use it to systematically solve problems is an asset for any career. To be successful in such an economy requires one to able to handle changes quickly and effectively.


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