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With my Homework for schools, schools can offer premium my Homework to all their students while utilizing tools and reporting to make sure students are staying organized.In the most effective examples homework was an integral part of learning, rather than an add-on.To maximise impact, it also appears to be important that students are provided with high quality feedback on their work (see Feedback).These studies compare classes where homework is introduced to similar classes where homework is not given.They tend to show that homework can be beneficial, but this finding is less secure than the first, because of the smaller number of studies and the quality of the evidence.However, beneath this average there is a wide variation in potential impact, suggesting that how homework is set is likely to be very important.There is some evidence that homework is most effective when used as a short and focused intervention (e.g.Our definition also includes activities such as ‘homework clubs’ where pupils have the opportunity to complete homework in school but outside normal school hours, and ‘flipped learning’ models, where pupils prepare at home for classroom discussion and application tasks.The evidence shows that the impact of homework, on average, is five months' additional progress.But that, of course, might just make it easier for math-averse students to cheat on their homework.Presumably phones are not allowed during in-class tests, but I haven't actually been in a math class since 1998 (programmable graphing calculators ftw! Right now, the app supports arithmetic expressions (plus sign, division, etc.), fractions and decimals, powers and roots, and simple linear equations. An easy addition problem (230 230 230 230) returned the correct answer.


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